Peer group supervision

Peer group supervision is an effective form of leaderless peer group counselling/consulting. Participants confer with one another by reciprocating key topics of their professional everyday lives, in order to provide solutions for difficult situations with colleagues or customers. The participants learn better ways to manage professional problems and reduce stress. This results in the group members’ increased professionalism within their work environments.

On this site you can find comprehensive information about peer group supervision:

With the navigation options in the left-hand side of the website you can get more detailed information on the topic of peer group supervision. Via the link "6 phases", you can access a trial version of peer group supervision. Feel free to try it out!

We also offer introduction seminars for peer group supervision conducted in English and French language for our customers inside and outside Europe. Please get in touch with us.

The guidebook about peer group supervision (in German), written by Kim-Oliver Tietze, is available as a paperback, published by Rowohlt publishing house (link to Amazon here). You will find the complete and detailed description of the concept and its methods. Additionally, you will find numerous examples of realistic work problems and how peer group supervision is applied to develop solutions. View title here.

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