Phase 5: Consultation

Course of events

During the consultation phase, the Consultants give their ideas in order to answer the Case Presenter’s key question. Their contributions are formulated according to the style and rules of the specific consultation module that was chosen.

A “Secretary” is nominated, who takes notes of the contributions given by the Consultants. Hence, the Case Presenter can concentrate on the contents and he/she is not distracted.

The Consultants formulate their ideas, suggestions and contributions in regard to the requirements of the chosen consultation module. Their task is to produce a great variety of different ideas in order to extend the Case Presenter’s capabilities to solve his/her problem. Their contributions should be concise, creative, and should express support.

The task of the Case Presenter is to listen and consider whether the ideas and suggestions make sense to him/her.

The Moderator keeps an eye on the time and also pays attention to the receptiveness of the Case Presenter.

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