Conditions for Peer Group Supervision
within the group setting

Peer Group Supervision participants should reach an agreement on several conditions concerning basic attitudes and cooperation, in order to create a productive and trustful group atmosphere for the Case Presenter.

Four key ‘ingredients’ promote the success of Peer Group Supervision:

    Trust: participants who trust each other will speak more openly

    Confidence: information about cases and the group process should remain confidential within the group

    Support: participants should endeavour to support each other

    Appreciation: mutual esteem promotes openness

It is necessary to create an atmosphere in which group members are open to talk about individual and interpersonal problems, weaknesses and difficulties. The group should therefore be without any greater internal conflicts. Mutual trust is a key condition for Peer Group Supervision and should not be affected by interpersonal tension. If necessary, the group should settle internal conflicts with the assistance of an external counsellor or clinical supervisor.

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