Roles in Peer Group Supervision

The participants take turns in the roles from case to case. In this way each participant is able to get their case solved, to practice their counselling skills, and to extend their knowledge.

Case Presenter

The Case Presenter introduces the key topics of his/her case or problematic situation. He provides all pieces of information that are important from his/her point of view, formulates a key question that expresses his/her needs, and he/she possibly suggests a consulting module with which the group should work on his/her case.


The Moderator conducts the Peer Group Supervision session, guiding the group through all six phases. He assists the Case Presenter by clear and concise questions in order to make the case plain. The Moderator also keeps an eye on the autonomy of the Case Presenter and that every participant treats him/her with respect.


The remaining participants of the group become Consultants. For the current Peer Group Supervision session they are being guided by the Moderator. They listen attentively to the narration of the Case Presenter and ask comprehensive questions in the early phases. Their main task is to offer their ideas and perspectives in the consulting phase.

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